Sauna Dry Heat Treatment

The Cocoon Wellness Pro System provides the ultimate relaxation and wellness therapy by using a dual dry heat and infrared multisensory sauna system. The Cocoon combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience.

Infrared Sauna

With this unique multisensory system, you can customize each sauna session! The pre-set programs include:

Cocoon Setting Time Temperature
Weight Management 30 minutes High-Very High
Fitness 30 minutes High
Wellness 30 minutes Medium
Relax 30 minutes Low
Power Nap 20 minutes Low

It is recommended to acclimate yourself to the thermal heat and intensity by gradually increasing the heat temperature per session. Scientific studies are proving that 'Hyperthermic Conditioning' (frequent exposure of the body to intense heat) can offer a wide arrange of health benefits. The Hyperthermic conditioning works to develop your muscle strength and tone your muscles while you burn calories.


Infrared Sauna

Your Session

  1. Check-in with the Brazilian Wax Boutique receptionist to fill out your information. Upon arrival, you may complete your waiver.
  2. Drink plenty of water before you arrive at your appointment;
  3. You will be shown to a relaxing private room;
  4. You will be provided with a towel to lay on inside the Cocoon Pod;
  5. Disrobe to your level of comfort. Since the Cocoon will heat your body from the inside out, sweating will occur. It is recommended to wear workout/light clothing;
  6. You will lie on the Cocoon Pod face up. Your head will be exposed during the duration of the session allowing you to breathe fresh air;
  7. The sauna session will be tailored to YOU. Suggested sessions are 30 minutes. When the session is complete, the unit will turn off automatically;
  8. At that time, push Cocoon lid up using the wooden handle, sit up and re-acclimate yourself before standing, exit the Cocoon Pod, place the towel in basket, get dressed and exit the room;
  9. Make sure you hydrate with water immediately following your session and for the remainder of the day.

Since your head always remains outside the Pod, and a fresh supply of cool face and neck air keeps you comfortable, you are able to enjoy the benefits of the high heat environment inside the Cocoon if desired. Your experience may be further enhanced with aromatherapy and the Cocoon's integrated salt air environment.


  • Weight management, including significant calorie burning
  • Detoxification, including reduced water retention and bloating and skin cleansing
  • Boost growth hormone levels
  • Halotherapy that strengthens the immune system
  • Reduce pain from injury
  • Accelerates healing process
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Promote growth of new brain cells
  • Powered massage that soothes and relaxes while relieving stress
Infrared Sauna

Effective Long Term Results

Customers will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated after their very first Cocoon session. With continued use, typically 1-3 sessions per week, Cocoon users will see a significant improvement in the way they look and feel.


The simultaneous heat and vibratory massage the Pod provides help to promote better flexibility and a more fluid range of motion response in your body. Clients find that the Pod helps them recover from injury faster, and the Pod also helps anyone who is suffering from pain from repetitive movements, from overuse of the muscles or from the simple aches and pain that can come with the aging process. Infrared heat dilates blood vessels, thereby increasing blood circulation to any injured areas, relieving pain and hastening the healing process. Infrared heat has been used successfully in the treatment of muscle spasms, arthritis and rheumatism.

Weight & Inch Loss

The Thermal Dynamic Environment inside the Cocoon helps you to burn fat and calories – while also helping you to feel and look thinner and trimmer.

Simply relax on the soft, padded lounger, set the temperature to the level desired. Studies have shown that the average person may burn up to 300 calories from a 30-minute, high-heat session. By increasing your metabolic rate, you will continue to burn additional calories throughout the day – long after your session has ended.

As the cycle of hyperthermic conditioning followed by rehydration continues, your body’s metabolic rate will steadily rise — and you will burn calories at a higher and more effective level. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, continued use of the Cocoon will help you to achieve your permanent weight loss goals.

Reduce Anxiety & Sleep Better

As you experience the heat and massage the Pod provides, you will notice a marked reduction in your stress and tension levels. In addition, the soothing aspect of the Pod allows you to feel more mentally alert and paves the way for a more restful sleep that night. Studies have also indicated the positive effects of heat acclimation on the brain, including the growth of new brain cells, improvement in focus, learning and memory, and reducing depression and anxiety.

Relaxation & Hot Massage

A soothing, relaxing environment is created inside the Cocoon via a combination of flowing, heated air together with radiant infrared wavelengths. While heating the air (like a traditional sauna) raises the temperature throughout the entire Pod, the infrared wavelengths directly warm your body inside the Pod.

View Contraindications

The Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod is not a medical device. It is not for medical purposes and makes no medical claims. The Cocoon has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not for any medical purpose whatsoever. The Cocoon is a general wellness, relaxation and fitness system.


What’s the difference between a traditional sauna and the Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod?

The goal of any sauna is to essentially “heat shock” the body to produce various health benefits. However, depending on the type of sauna, the process of heating the body differs.

Traditional saunas, whether a conventional or wet/humid sauna, heat the body externally by raising the air temperature to approximately 160-194 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry or humid, hot air then enables the body to go through physiological processes to “cool” the body down/regulate your body temperature, thus creating a series of benefits, such as sweating, removing toxins, etc.

Infrared saunas, such as the Cocoon, heat the body internally by using infrared wavelengths rather than heating the body with warm air. Far infrared rays penetrate the body, internally warming the core temperature to create physiological benefits. In an infrared sauna, the eternal air is warm and does not get as hot in comparison to a traditional sauna, allowing for a more relaxing sauna experience.

The Cocoon is a unique infrared sauna Pod that delivers far infrared rays. While heating the air (like a conventional sauna) raises the temperature throughout the entire Pod, the infrared wavelengths directly penetrates your body, thus externally AND internally raising your core temperature. Unlike most traditional and infrared saunas chambers, the Cocoon sauna provides an optimal, relaxing sauna experience, allowing you to lay comfortably with your head exposed. While having your head exposed and your body enclosed in the sauna Pod, you can raise/control the temperature to heat your body while breathing clean, purified air during your session.

Who can use the Cocoon infrared sauna POD?

The Cocoon can be used as a heated sauna. If a client is in poor health, they should speak with their doctor before using the Cocoon and any questions should be directed to a medical professional.

The Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod has a weight limit of 350 lbs. Women who are pregnant and members who have cardio health problems are sensitive to heat (i.e., conditions such as erythema ab igne, etc.) or dehydrated should not use the Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod until they consult with their medical doctor.

All users should be hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after use.

What should I wear during my infrared sauna session?

Clients may wear loose-fitting clothes, athletic clothing, swimwear, undergarments, or in the nude (clients will be laying on a towel during the session).

Note: although the Cocoon sauna POD will produce ambient dry heat within the chamber, the main advantage of the sauna session comes from the infrared rays. Therefore, wearing appropriate clothing/minimal clothing is optimal for the infrared rays to penetrate through the body.

What should I expect during my first session?

Note: PRIOR to your first session, it is important to drink plenty of water!

For your first session, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members and shown back to the Cocoon sauna room, where you will be explained the process of your session. Your session will last approximately 30 minutes. During your session, you may feel like you are not getting warm enough in the first 10-15 minutes, this is typical and part of the process of your body slowly acclimating itself to consistent internal heating. It is important to note that depending on your current health condition, Brazilian Wax Boutique recommends to gradually increase the heat intensity after a few sessions due acclimating your body internal and external heat (especially if you have never used an infrared sauna.) Once your session is complete, you will slowly sit up and re-adjust yourself to your surroundings, as you may experience lightheadedness due to laying down for a prolonged period (orthostatic hypertension). There are no activity restrictions after your sauna sessions, however, it is important to continue to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration from your session!

Am I able to return to normal activities after my Cocoon infrared sauna session?

There are no activity restrictions after your sauna session. However, you must take into consideration your body’s physiological exertion during your session depending on the heat intensity and your current health condition. Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day after your session.

Are infrared saunas safe?

Yes. To have a safe infrared sauna experience, it is vital to ensure you are hydrated before and after a session. Recommended time durations of the sauna sessions are established for the safety of the client. Please review the list of contraindications and precautionary restrictions for the infrared sauna usage. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your health prior to your sauna session.

Can you use the Cocoon if you are pregnant?

Pregnant woman should not use the Cocoon since it elevates the body's temperature.